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Feb 05 2010 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on TV By the Numbers

TV By the Numbers

TV By the Numbers

The Hawthorne effect suggests that a subject that’s aware it’s being observed will alter its behavior accordingly, that the act of study itself can taint results. When I was contacted by Nielsen to participate in an eight-day study of television viewing habits for sweeps week, my mind immediately fantasized of staging a coup upon all […]


Jan 06 2010 Posted by in other voices, writing | Comments Off on Planing in the Workshop

Planing in the Workshop

This is a guest post from Caleb J Ross, author of the chapbook Charactered Pieces: stories, as part of his ridiculously-named Blog Orgy Tour. Visit his Web site for a full list of blog stops. Charactered Pieces: stories is currently available from OW Press (or Visit him at …generally just presenting something semi-publicly […]


Dec 31 2009 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on The Golden Flix Awards 2009

The Golden Flix Awards 2009

Hard to believe this is my fourth annual offering. After an exhaustive amount of deliberation, below you’ll find this year’s winners and runners-up, ready to populate your Netflix queue with months of quality entertainment. The usual disclaimers apply. Though I’ve seen nearly 100 new movies this year, mostly on home video (so a few of […]


Nov 23 2009 Posted by in news, other voices | Comments Off on Beer und Questions Asks Caleb J Ross

Beer und Questions Asks Caleb J Ross

Caleb J. Ross, author of Charactered Pieces, sits down with me and answers a few questions about his fantastic short story collection. You’ll recall the roles having been reversed a little while back, and this may turn into a regular series of impromptu author interviews called [Blank] und Questions Asks, with [Beer] filling in the […]


Sep 13 2009 Posted by in news, writing | Comments Off on Beer und Questions Asks

Beer und Questions Asks

I’m honored to be the first in a series of author interviews called [Blank] und Questions Asks… wherein author Caleb J. Ross sits down with me at a local bar to discuss my novel, Major Inversions, fueled by the social lubricant/truth serum of its namesake.


Sep 01 2009 Posted by in news | Comments Off on Join me on GoodReads

Join me on GoodReads

I’ve finally joined this social networking site for book nerds, with a reader profile and a book listing. Come add me as a friend, check out my collection, and/or follow my reviews. It works with Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. And if you’ve read Major Inversions, please give it a star rating, a short […]


Aug 10 2009 Posted by in news | Comments Off on Creative Loafing Charlotte interview

Creative Loafing Charlotte interview

In a four-part series by Chris Deal on writers and the music that inspires them, titled “iTunes and the Pen”, I share what works for me, right alongside some of my favorite authors. Be sure to hit up parts 1, 2, and 4 as well for some great material to will your quill.


Aug 07 2009 Posted by in news | Comments Off on Major Inversions now available!

Major Inversions now available!

My first novel, Major Inversions, is now available for online ordering through Amazon and CreateSpace in paperback, as well as a Kindle edition. FYI, though the cover price is the same, CreateSpace pays me a much higher royalty, so help support your independent author! Since it’s listed with most of the largest book distributors, it’s […]


Aug 01 2009 Posted by in news | Comments Off on Featurette at IMDB

Featurette at IMDB

Sure, it’s nearly four years old now, but due to the modest success of my short film, Featurette, I’ve finally been invited into the online pantheon of . . . official existence, with an IMDb entry. Better yet, you can now watch the entire thing at pretty high quality right there as well. Congrats to […]


Jun 01 2009 Posted by in entertainment, humor | 2 comments

Trite Tropes

Cinema is a language with its own conventions. The audience must be familiar with certain patterns, even unconsciously, for the transfer of visuals to register properly. Establishing a scene with a wide shot to get our bearings, not crossing the 180-degree axis, keeping the flow of action moving in a single screen direction – folks […]