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Sep 21 2017 Posted by in multimedia, music, news, other voices, writing | Comments Off on Scoring “Larkspur Underground” podcast

Scoring “Larkspur Underground” podcast

Visitors to my Music page know I’ve produced many tracks for multimedia. Theme songs, spot cues, drops/bumpers, etc. However, the closest to a complete score that I’d recorded was for my 2006 short film Featurette, clocking in at a mere 19 minutes. Then came an opportunity to compose for a new serialized horror podcast called LARKSPUR UNDERGROUND. We’ll get […]


Jan 21 2013 Posted by in news, writing | 1 comment

Leah Rhyne interview

Leah Rhyne, author of the Undead America series, lowered her Louisville Slugger and caught her breath long enough to ask me some writerly questions over at her site (apologies if you were expecting reversed roles; I never know how to word these things). We gnawed on such fleshy topics as sadistic plotting, choosing your own […]


Sep 16 2012 Posted by in news, writing | Comments Off on OW III interview

OW III interview

The former Outsider Writers Collective recently torched their old site and, rising from its ashes, re-dubbed themselves OW III. [EDIT: Since posting this, they’ve taken the name Carbon-Based Lifeform Blues.] Long ago, they were kind enough to take a chance on this tyro scribe, reviewing my then-unsung debut novel, Major Inversions. Recently, whilst surveying my […]


Aug 16 2012 Posted by in entertainment, music, news, writing | 4 comments

Books and Booze interview

Combining two of my favorite things into one of my favorite new podcasts. Sensing that some of their former guests (though entertaining and knowledgeable) had been far too sober given its namesake, for my appearance this week, I took it upon myself to lower my inhibitions, articulation, grammatical skill, and possibly good judgment by way […]


Feb 22 2012 Posted by in news, other voices, writing | 1 comment

Andrez Bergen Interview

I recently had a chance to throw some questions at Andrez Bergen, the author of Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat (Another Sky Press), a novel that fuses sci-fi and hardboiled noir elements. In it, Melbourne is near-future Earth’s last city standing, where the ominous, ubiquitous Hylax Corporation and its CEO are behind the push to apprehend, incarcerate, […]


Aug 30 2011 Posted by in multimedia, music, news, writing | 1 comment

Northwest Alumni feature

The fall issue of Northwest, the alumni magazine of my alma mater Northwest Missouri State University (where I earned my degree in Mass Communication in 1995) contains a short feature on yours truly. Click the article to enlarge, or the cover to browse the entire Issuu via NWMSU’s site.      


Jul 31 2011 Posted by in news, writing | Comments Off on Booked interview

Booked interview

Robb Olson and Livius Nedin from Booked were kind enough to invite me to take part in their author interview podcast series today. In fact, their last couple of weeks’ episodes have been devoted to the Warmed and Bound Sessions, speaking to my fellow contributors in this killer anthology. We talk about my story “Headshot,” […]


Jul 25 2011 Posted by in news, writing | Comments Off on The Velvet Podcast 016

The Velvet Podcast 016

Episode 016: Great Writers Edit; Bad Writers Discuss Editing on a Podcast is now online, part of The Velvet Podcast series. Joining me on this panel are authors Gavin Pate (The Way to Get Here), Richard Thomas (Transubstantiate), and moderator Caleb J. Ross (Stranger Will).We discuss the editing of prose fiction, detailing our own processes, […]


Nov 16 2010 Posted by in news, other voices | Comments Off on The Velvet Podcast 009

The Velvet Podcast 009

Episode 9: Does This Novel Make Me Look Fat?, part of The Velvet Podcast series, is now live, featuring discussion about self/vanity publishing. We debate its legitimacy, logistics, and financial aspects, as well as insights from their own experiences in this oft-scorned segment of the industry. I’m joined by authors/panelists Brandon Tietz and Caleb J […]


Jul 06 2010 Posted by in entertainment, news, other voices | Comments Off on The Velvet Podcast 006

The Velvet Podcast 006

Episode 6: Jennifer’s Lost Overboard Body: Cinemuck Boogaloo, part of The Velvet Podcast series is now live for your enjoyment. I handle the hosting duties, featuring panelists Stephen Graham Jones, Logan Rapp, and Jesse Lawrence in a conversation about the big and small screens, both as consumers and creators, cinners and cineastes wading through the […]