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I recently had a chance to throw some questions at Andrez Bergen, the author of Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat (Another Sky Press), a novel that fuses sci-fi and hardboiled noir elements. In it, Melbourne is near-future Earth’s last city standing, where the ominous, ubiquitous Hylax Corporation and its CEO are behind the push to apprehend, incarcerate, and even terminate Deviants for their behavior. Floyd Maquina does their legwork to pay off his wife’s hospital debt, becoming both a media darling and increasingly disillusioned with the job, using his newfound influence to get to the bottom/top of the corruption. Floyd’s a stubborn, wisecracking gumshoe with an affinity for name-dropping classic films during his pursuits under acid rain and inside the domed, rezoned city where social strata are more delineated than ever.

An expatriate Australian journalist who’s written/edited for Mixmag, Impact (UK), and Anime Insider (among others), Andrez Bergen has been entrenched in Tokyo for the past 10 years, where he also “hacks together” electronic/techno music under the moniker Little Nobody.

Read the entire interview at Welcome to The Velvet.

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