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Gran Turismo on PlayStation VR2

When PSVR2 launched, I played a couple hours of Horizon Call of the Mountain because it was a great showcase for the tech advancements since the original headset. Eye tracking, resolution, foveated rendering, yadda. But in the year since firing … Continue reading

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Book Layout Tips

The rise of self-publishing means more authors are taking on unfamiliar roles, with mixed results. To put it kindly. I’ll leave the marketing/promotion advice to others, but one aspect I can speak to with some authority is design. I’ve designed … Continue reading

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Book Trailer (Warmed and Bound)

To coincide with today’s release of Warmed and Bound: A Velvet Anthology, I created this promo. It’s composed of imagery inspired by stories in the collection, including original music from me. The intent is to evoke a feeling, a mood—ominous, … Continue reading

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1st and Ten

We’ve all seen the yellow/blue lines in football broadcasts that indicate the scrimmage and line to gain. Ever wonder how it works? As you probably guessed, the line itself is superimposed via chromakey, so anything green- or dirt-colored gets replaced, … Continue reading

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