Noir Reading and Pics

Now that my liver and brain cells have had a chance to regenerate after the AWP conference in Chicago, here’s an update to the event I previously posted about that took place in St. Louis the night before that excursion.

The incredibly gracious Jed Ayres and Scott Phillips hosted the most recent incarnation of “Noir at the Bar” at the Meshuggah Cafe, and the omnipresent gentlemen from Booked Podcast were there to document the event (as they did for all the tavern readings they attended on the trip). They’re creating a series of minisodes over the coming weeks featuring each of these author/readers, and I have the pleasure of going first, chronological as they are.

I don’t really write noir, so I wasn’t sure what to read. In hindsight, I probably should’ve made with the funny and depraved, perhaps a chapter from Major Inversions. . . Anyway, here are the timestamps for the three short pieces you’ll hear:

(7:33) “One New Message” (meta flash fiction)

(10:55) “Untitled Stephenie Meyer Novel” (short story from the Oprah Read This project)

(18:50) “Flashover” (excerpt from my forthcoming novel of the same title)

LISTEN: Booked Podcast Episode #68 – Noir at the Bar: Gordon Highland

Bonus photo galleries:

Noir at the Bar, St. Louis 2/28/12

AWP Chicago 2/29 – 3/3/12

About Gordon

Gordon Highland is the author of the novels Flashover and Major Inversions, with short stories in such publications as Word Riot, Black Heart, Noir at the Bar Vol. 2, and Warmed and Bound, among others. He lives in the Kansas City area, where he makes videos by day and music by night.
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