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Gas Up the Stair Car

I was gonna do this whole post about evolving media distribution, and how I dig the new Netflix model because it allows me to shotgun series the way I prefer. But I already pretty much covered that with my House … Continue reading

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In Treatment

“There are way too many autobiographies. I mean, who cares?” – Paul Weston By now, you know the premise for this HBO series: one therapist sees five patients, each with their own half-hour session once a week, a new episode … Continue reading

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On-Set Translation

What they say. What they mean. “Picture’s up.”Get out of the frame and shut your pie holes. “Let’s go again; that shot went a little soft.”Because you’re also an exec producer, I’m blaming the focus puller for your wooden acting. … Continue reading

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Oscar® Hangover

How original, an Oscars post! Though neither nominated nor invited this year, I thought last night’s Academy Awards was a class broadcast all around. Sure, there were a few technical/timing gaffes, but having directed live variety shows before, I can … Continue reading

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Awards Show Etiquette

‘Tis the Season, and since I know all the industry insiders read this blog between meetings and lighting setups in their trailers, for your consideration I present the following tips to make your big night a memorable, gaffe-free one. • … Continue reading

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My Television Education

I like to think that all those years spent in front of the idiot box made me a better person. TV is a great way to learn about how the world works. Were it not for television, I would never … Continue reading

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