graphic design

Click the thumbnails for larger images (and descriptions at their bottom). Many are heavily cropped, revealing collages at full size.

Composites including copyrighted sources are intended as satire for social-media amusement. Please credit my site if sharing.

Each Beatle released a solo album in 1971. Not being alive yet, I imagine it felt something like this.Simply changing one letter in a name can inspire all sorts of visual amusements.Inspired by a friend anticipating good vibes taking on a summer census gigThe team was finally full strength heading into the 2019 season opener at Jacksonville, Duval County. Known as the Sammy Watkins game.When Alex Smith's dominant 2017 KC Chiefs season coincided with the release of a film starring his doppelgänger, I couldn't resist.My friend just wanted a shot of his head; I 'shopped him on a yacht instead.Promoting a podcast episode about ghostbusting (my co-host morphed with Slimer)The stock foreground photo gave me the idea for a modern take on MC Escher.Ozark's opening titles feature thematic icons relevant to each episode, in the shape of letters O-Z-A-R-K. What would my own be?With intense speculation over character fates as the Game of Thrones finale approached, I offered my own predictions, set in the universe of HBO's Veep.A friend made the misheard caption joke, inspiring me to create this image supporting it.A comment on clickbait preview images that reveal a different agenda once uncropped.My reply to an intended caption contest exhibits both taste and gentlemanly restraint.A British friend posts winter scenes of his neighborhood that I enjoy enhancing from a galaxy far, far away.My name's Highland, his is Ridge, we both live nearby but neither were present. I like using blur/focus to shift attention.We took some team shots on grey paper at the office. These composites were a hilarious afterthought.For some reason I haven't been fielding many calls to direct live-action/animation.Venn diagram concept based on song lyrics.I find it peculiar these so-called performance fluids are the same colors and have wide-mouth caps.My take on the primary function of the four major social networks in 2020, the so-called 'Dolly Parton Challenge.'

I record character performances on my phone and superimpose those heads onto static bodies with rudimentary animation, sometimes in VR.Full-body 3D models created in Adobe Fuse for posing and animation in Photoshop. (Multiple source photos were used.)Ad for a theater concession in an MST3K-inspired videoI shot two actors on greenscreen, looping animations and graphics behind them while they broke down retail performances on the imaginary side monitor as a virtual set extension.VHS-style dating service profileOpening title for a corporate band documentaryTo warn about the dangers of insider trading, I created an homage to blockbuster title sequences.Overlay for a faux-low-tech newcast's remote feed. The actors were standing right next to one another.I composited the background graphics after shooting the foreground elements on greenscreen, including flashbulbs popping from multiple angles.Original photo was an empty bus in traffic. I shot and composited the humans, the USB modem product, then cut it into layers by depth for a multiplane animation.I shot the host on greenscreen so I could slide elements between him and the distracting store background footage.Menu examples for DVDs handed out to select friends (I didn't create the Furley illustration). My home movies, however, are on blu-ray, because I'm a narcissist.

A disturbing short story inferred through a progression of receiptsFlyer for a reading event at the 2010 AWP conference in DenverAlternate cover concept for my first novel, Major Inversions. Land and sea are inverted, get it? Plus you'd have to turn the cover sideways.From a PDF distributed back when we were a duoFull-page ad in Guitar Player magazine. Client supplied amateur pics of their display walls (which I stitched and perspective-corrected) and the monkey, which had to be separated from its original background.I made this for a Father's Day gift, as surprised as you by the result.Unused logos for three of my bands: modern rock, '80s tribute, acoustic duoUnused logo concept for Important Question? Podcast.

The first three images are animated GIFs that emulate site navigation between pages.

Pages from a 2003 site for my '80s tribute band (animated for demonstration purposes).Pages from my site G Dot Com 2005-2010 (animated for demonstration purposes).Various graphics I built as admin for a fan community devoted to a trio of neo-noir authorsDesktop pattern created as a downloadable for for my acoustic duoCinema reflects how what scares us evolves over time.Looping GIF to promote our podcast, pulled from video footageCreated for an essay about MPAA film ratings; based on a food label