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truths  // Posts tagged as "truths"

Oct 12 2008 Posted by in humor | Comments Off on Truths, Vol. 6

Truths, Vol. 6

Another installment of original musings: • Borrowed time and stolen moments are those of which we take the most ownership. • Dan Brown’s cure for writer’s block is to hang upside down. However, there is no known cure for ingesting his actual writing. • Speeding up the music in a Cialis commercial creates a porn […]


Jun 07 2008 Posted by in humor | 3 comments

Truths, Vol. 5

Another batch of my muttering musings for your transengendered medication. • Your element is a place you should remain far from when expecting creativity. • Having YouTube subscribers does not make you a network programming executive. You’re probably overqualified. • Never let someone review a rough cut who doesn’t understand what one is. • You […]


Sep 25 2007 Posted by in humor | Comments Off on Truths, Vol. 4

Truths, Vol. 4

No one knows anything, least of all those who claim to. If you’re a guitarist with more than three fingers and use a capo, you’re playing the song in the wrong key. Buying a cool new iPhone won’t make it ring any more frequently. Size may matter, but you should never cease trimming. Actors are […]


Mar 01 2007 Posted by in humor | Comments Off on Truths, Vol. 3

Truths, Vol. 3

The quality of a magazine is inversely proportional to the number of ad pages before its table of contents. Perfection is possible, just unlikely. One single sentence can conjure more imagery than a reel of film. Not that sentence, but, you know, a really, really good one. Even Jennifer Lopez gets diarrhea sometimes. No, I […]


Nov 08 2006 Posted by in humor | Comments Off on Truths, Vol. 2

Truths, Vol. 2

• Ego only becomes an obstacle when it’s not yours. • Some natives believe that each photo captures part of your soul. Do the red carpet math to understand the vapidity of celebs. • Every minute spent rehearsing prolongs your career by the same amount. • Give someone a wireless if you want them to […]


Oct 30 2006 Posted by in humor | Comments Off on Truths, Vol. 1

Truths, Vol. 1

I’ve learned a thing or two in this business. A lot of businesses, actually. And if I can prevent just one of you from making the same mistakes I’ve made, it will all be worth it. Okay, that’s horseshit. But I needed an introductory paragraph, and the illusion of altruism was too alluring (as was […]