video demos

I’ve been making videos professionally since 1995 (after earning a BS in Broadcasting) and for wireless telecom since 2002. I’m fortunate not to have needed a demo a long time … but I would like to showcase recent work, so check back here soon! Much of it is proprietary, but there are a few older embeds down the page.

For historical perspective/amusement, I’ll share my 2010 demo below, every frame of it my own creation (including the music), highlighting my diverse skills in glorious standard definition.

I’m comfortable working in every aspect of production, with extensive experience in writing, casting, directing, cinematography, editing, graphics, effects compositing, sound design, mixing, encoding, and captioning. You wouldn’t hire me for makeup/wardrobe, and I don’t do 3D, but that’s about it. Being a musician, voice-over artist, photographer, and designer, I enjoy incorporating these elements into my productions whenever possible. The usual software proficiencies apply, especially Final Cut Pro, Avid, After Effects, Logic, Pro Tools, and Photoshop, but I have a working knowledge of most industry-standard tools as well.