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Aug 16 2012 Posted by in entertainment, music, news, writing | 4 comments

Books and Booze interview

Combining two of my favorite things into one of my favorite new podcasts. Sensing that some of their former guests (though entertaining and knowledgeable) had been far too sober given its namesake, for my appearance this week, I took it upon myself to lower my inhibitions, articulation, grammatical skill, and possibly good judgment by way […]


May 29 2012 Posted by in entertainment, music, other voices, writing | Comments Off on Video: Winebox and fiction reading

Video: Winebox and fiction reading

Czar Bar, Kansas City, 5/24/12 (“$@!# Authors Say” event). To warm things up, Winebox performed our very first show. I already had a camera set up for the readings, so I thought we should go ahead and record a live showcase video as well. Here are some selections for you: Somewhere in between readings by […]


Apr 29 2012 Posted by in music, news, other voices, writing | Comments Off on $@!# Authors Say (and play)

$@!# Authors Say (and play)

Come downtown and enjoy some double-threat entertainment from yours truly and friends at this reading and music event. We stage these at bars whenever possible to encourage more raucous audiences, as well as the loosened morality that alcohol enables. For the participants, too, because a shot of Jameson can help calm the nerves when you’re […]


Feb 22 2012 Posted by in music, news | Comments Off on Presenting . . . Winebox!

Presenting . . . Winebox!

Word on the grapevine is that I’ve got a new musical duo for you to feast your earballs upon. Winebox has actually been cellaring for a number of years in various states of activity, and is now mature and ready to rock. Some of you remember my former band, Molly’s Crush: a regional ’80s tribute […]


Aug 30 2011 Posted by in multimedia, music, news, writing | 1 comment

Northwest Alumni feature

The fall issue of Northwest, the alumni magazine of my alma mater Northwest Missouri State University (where I earned my degree in Mass Communication in 1995) contains a short feature on yours truly. Click the article to enlarge, or the cover to browse the entire Issuu via NWMSU’s site.      


Jul 22 2011 Posted by in multimedia, music, other voices, writing | 1 comment

Book Trailer (Warmed and Bound)

To coincide with today’s release of Warmed and Bound: A Velvet Anthology, I created this promo. It’s composed of imagery inspired by stories in the collection, including original music from me. The intent is to evoke a feeling, a mood—ominous, violent, and redemptive—rather than paint specific settings or characterizations. Multi-plane animation (a.k.a. “2.5-D”) was used […]


Nov 06 2010 Posted by in music, news | Comments Off on Womb with a View

Womb with a View

I recently renovated Womb With a View, my home studio, after acquiring a large new desk/console. I used this opportunity to reconfigure and simplify, including wiring up a patch bay for maximum flexibility of its components. This also means that I hopefully will no longer be doing my writing on the same workstation as audio […]


Nov 24 2008 Posted by in humor, music | 3 comments

Meth Lab for Flutie

Shamelessly pilfered from a variety of sources, here’s another collection of fake band names that made me giggle like a seventh grader. Some of these will turn up on MySpace profiles soon enough. I’d warn you about the offensive content, but I’m sure you’re desensitized by now. Van BurenSteamland CleaverThe Get-Down’s SyndromeEgregious PhilbinBarbraStreiszende NeubautenBroughammerAsperger In […]


Aug 17 2008 Posted by in entertainment, music | Comments Off on Leakage in the Folds

Leakage in the Folds

I don’t like to just re-post news items here (there’s no shortage of those kinds of blogs already), but I had to make an exception for one of my favorite musicians, Ben Folds. The guy booked a day in the studio, recorded fake versions of many of the songs on his much-anticipated new album, and […]


Jul 05 2008 Posted by in entertainment, music, writing | 1 comment

Fairy Dust Between the Sprockets

Having just been reduced to a wide-eyed nine-year-old all over again by witnessing E.T.: The Extraterrestrial in its high definition glory, and awing at the recent digital majesty of Wall•e, it brought to mind the question: what makes for magical cinema? What are the ingredients of timelessness? What’s the big diff between The Incredibles and […]