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Gordon  // Posts published by Gordon

Aug 15 2012 Posted by in news, writing | Comments Off on “‘Burgatory” story at Solarcide

“‘Burgatory” story at Solarcide

“No matter where you live in New York City, you always end up in Queens.” Opening lines always shoulder a lot of weight (and disproportionate thought). This one I pocketed from a pilot announcement as we were descending into LaGuardia, cemetery plots dominating the landscape out my window. Which later inspired the concept of a […]


Aug 08 2012 Posted by in entertainment, multimedia, news, writing | Comments Off on Telecine column at ManArchy

Telecine column at ManArchy

I’m contributing semi-regularly to a new column at ManArchy Magazine called Telecine. The term itself describes the process of transferring film to tape or disk. Of course, it also sounds like a cool amalgamation of “television” and “cinema,” which will be my areas of focus. Expect articles covering movie trends, retrospectives, witty observations about screens […]


Jul 15 2012 Posted by in other voices | Comments Off on The Soul Consortium

The Soul Consortium

I can’t remember the last time I read a sci-fi novel (not a big genre reader in general, aside from crime fiction). Even with films and television, my sci-fi tastes always lean to character-driven stuff, like Gattaca, BSG, Children of Men, etc., where the technology is downplayed in favor of human drama. Simon West-Bulford’s The […]


Jun 11 2012 Posted by in news, writing | Comments Off on LitReactor Book Club: Flashover

LitReactor Book Club: Flashover

The readers and writers at the excellent LitReactor have chosen my novel Flashover for discussion in their community forum next month. I’ll be lurking in the shadows and answering some questions as they go, then participating more actively later in the month once all the spoilery stuff is out of the way. The details, lifted […]


May 29 2012 Posted by in news, other voices, writing | Comments Off on Booked Podcast reviews Flashover

Booked Podcast reviews Flashover

Normally I wouldn’t give every review its own post, but this is a really good one. Aside from the fact that they loved it (spoiler?), it’s a detailed look at the novel from several angles, making connections I wouldn’t have thought of, and confirming many that I did. Booked Podcast Episode #89: S#!t Authors Say […]


May 29 2012 Posted by in entertainment, music, other voices, writing | Comments Off on Video: Winebox and fiction reading

Video: Winebox and fiction reading

Czar Bar, Kansas City, 5/24/12 (“$@!# Authors Say” event). To warm things up, Winebox performed our very first show. I already had a camera set up for the readings, so I thought we should go ahead and record a live showcase video as well. Here are some selections for you: Somewhere in between readings by […]


May 15 2012 Posted by in news, other voices, writing | Comments Off on How’s My Hair? reading

How’s My Hair? reading

Yep, two readings in the same week. This time in a bookstore, which in theory would be a very different crowd than the inebriants populating Czar Bar a couple nights before, but I hope I can still count on you guys to help us keep things loose. And yes, three of the same blokes are […]


Apr 30 2012 Posted by in news, writing | Comments Off on Flashover out in paperback!

Flashover out in paperback!

It’s here, y’all. Last week I posted about my new novel, Flashover, and its e-book release. Today sees the paperback edition on sale, via Amazon, BN, and CreateSpace. I’m so excited to finally be able to share this with the world, over three years in the writing. All the buy links are below, p-books and […]


Apr 29 2012 Posted by in music, news, other voices, writing | Comments Off on $@!# Authors Say (and play)

$@!# Authors Say (and play)

Come downtown and enjoy some double-threat entertainment from yours truly and friends at this reading and music event. We stage these at bars whenever possible to encourage more raucous audiences, as well as the loosened morality that alcohol enables. For the participants, too, because a shot of Jameson can help calm the nerves when you’re […]


Apr 24 2012 Posted by in news, writing | 1 comment

Flashover e-books on sale

For you digital adopters, an early release of my new novel, Flashover, is now available for Kindle and Nook at $5.99. The paperback will be out next month at the usual online shops, and I’ll hook up a PayPal for those who want to order signed copies directly. Between now and then, I’ll be ramping […]