Telecine column at ManArchy

I’m contributing semi-regularly to a new column at ManArchy Magazine called Telecine. The term itself describes the process of transferring film to tape or disk. Of course, it also sounds like a cool amalgamation of “television” and “cinema,” which will be my areas of focus. Expect articles covering movie trends, retrospectives, witty observations about screens both silver and small, and maybe even a little technical how-to. Basically, similar stuff as what I covered back when was a blog called Medialysis, whose posts you can still find up top under the Blog drop-down, sorted by category.

My current pieces:

Bruisers Ballet: Five Decades of NFL Films

NC-17: Sex, Drugs, and Rigged Ratings

F.U. in D.C.: House of Cards

Tony Scott: In Memoriam

Warrior Seoul: A Korean Cinema Primer

ManArchy is a men’s magazine about topics from booze to body art, fashion to fiction. It was recently re-launched under new management, and I couldn’t say no when the offer came in. (Seriously, the editor blackmailed me.) Even so, the collective talent assembled is diverse and insightful. They certainly have their ways with words. In fact, nearly everyone on the contributing staff is someone I’ve either previously published alongside, workshopped with, or split bar tabs with. Many are all three, and include alumni from such online collectives as LitReactor, The Velvet, and Write Club.

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Gordon Highland is a video producer/director in the Kansas City area who also makes music and writes fiction.
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