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songwriting  // Posts tagged as "songwriting"

Sep 21 2017 Posted by in multimedia, music, news, other voices, writing | Comments Off on Scoring “Larkspur Underground” podcast

Scoring “Larkspur Underground” podcast

Visitors to my Music page know I’ve produced many tracks for multimedia. Theme songs, spot cues, drops/bumpers, etc. However, the closest to a complete score that I’d recorded was for my 2006 short film Featurette, clocking in at a mere 19 minutes. Then came an opportunity to compose for a new serialized horror podcast called LARKSPUR UNDERGROUND. We’ll get […]


Sep 05 2015 Posted by in multimedia, music, news | 2 comments

“Antidote” music video

With my Finding the Light album release this week, I figured I should preview a full track. And in the same spirit as the recording process, why not keep the video DIY, too? Trivia: • Self-shot with a single GoPro on a gooseneck clamp in my Womb With a View studio. • This was the […]


Mar 16 2015 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Album Progress

Album Progress

My lack of recent updates is because historically most of them have been literary, and I’m on hiatus from that world for a bit. (I will, however, be hanging in Minneapolis during AWP, eager to let you buy me drinks.) My stack of unread books grows monthly, as I’ve barely cracked a spine since last […]


Aug 30 2011 Posted by in multimedia, music, news, writing | 1 comment

Northwest Alumni feature

The fall issue of Northwest, the alumni magazine of my alma mater Northwest Missouri State University (where I earned my degree in Mass Communication in 1995) contains a short feature on yours truly. Click the article to enlarge, or the cover to browse the entire Issuu via NWMSU’s site.      


Aug 17 2008 Posted by in entertainment, music | Comments Off on Leakage in the Folds

Leakage in the Folds

I don’t like to just re-post news items here (there’s no shortage of those kinds of blogs already), but I had to make an exception for one of my favorite musicians, Ben Folds. The guy booked a day in the studio, recorded fake versions of many of the songs on his much-anticipated new album, and […]


Jun 16 2008 Posted by in entertainment, humor | Comments Off on Eff Love

Eff Love

This is one of my personal favorite timekillers. Understanding the perverse origins of the term rock ‘n’ roll and also knowing how people are so often afraid to say what they really mean, here’s a little game: simply substitute the word Fuck instead of Love in any song title, and you probably have something much […]


Aug 26 2007 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Garage Renovations

Garage Renovations

The other day, a client asked me the difference between programs like GarageBand versus the software I use for audio production, Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer . . . To me, this is akin to asking what makes that fancy-lookin’ Rolls-Royce any differnt’n my AMC Pacer, since they both gets ‘ya from Point A […]


Jul 24 2007 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Artists vs. Performers

Artists vs. Performers

This article had me foaming at the mouth. I’d long suspected this happened, but it’s the first time I’ve heard anyone go on record about it. Musical performers who take a piece of the writer’s publishing. Okay, so you’re gorgeous. You spend countless hours at the gym sculpting that perfect diva body. You have vocal […]


Nov 16 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Formulatin’ da Funk

Formulatin’ da Funk

What makes a great song? A couple of months ago I wrote about leaving enough interpretive room to engage the listener. But that’s just one element. And I’m not referring to what causes a song to chart or sell. That’s simple: • Payola. Free merch, ticket giveaways, exclusive access, etc. in exchange for airplay.• Imitating […]


Oct 11 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Bass-Ackwards Drums

Bass-Ackwards Drums

We’re doing some online collaborative [metal] recordings by uploading our individual tracks from home studios, but the guitar riff usually comes first with us. So theyre waiting on me, but I have nothing to play to unless I wanna make a click. Will this work? Yes, playing to a click (metronome) is very common. The […]