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Jan 13 2014 Posted by in multimedia, writing | 4 comments

Book Layout Tips

The rise of self-publishing means more authors are taking on unfamiliar roles, with mixed results. To put it kindly. I’ll leave the marketing/promotion advice to others, but one aspect I can speak to with some authority is design. I’ve designed all three of my own books, assisted with several others, and worked on a ton […]


Mar 28 2009 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on MP3 Manipulation

MP3 Manipulation

I just downloaded a file/mp3 on a friend’s computer. it’s in iTunes and I can burn it. thing is, it’s a live recording and only one file and too long to fit on a single disc. is there a way to break it up into individual tracks and not have pauses between them when playing? […]


Nov 04 2008 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Perceptive Pixel

Perceptive Pixel

In a time when we’re growing used to answering our cell phones by touching a screen, scrolling through picture galleries with a flick of the wrist, or enlarging them with an inverse pinching motion, it only makes sense that professional presenters do the same on a larger scale. Enter the Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall from Perceptive […]


Jun 05 2008 Posted by in music | Comments Off on On Strike

On Strike

I’ve always taken a lot of (foolish) pride in constructing all my electronic drum tracks painstakingly by hand to give them a natural feel with my own fills and flourishes (I’m not a drummer, I’m a guitarist who plays keys), and they’ve always taken me a ridiculously long time to create – around three nights […]


Jun 02 2008 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Flivvy Swiffle

Flivvy Swiffle

I read awhile back that you said Flash was the most proliferated way to post online video content. How exactly do I do this? I use an app called Sorenson Squeeze* to create FLVs (and WMVs etc. in batches). It does multi-pass encoding that you won’t get by exporting through an editing app. Though if […]


Mar 12 2008 Posted by in multimedia, music | 1 comment

Olly Olly Aux Send Free

. . . and you’ve wrote some things about ProTools on here before . . . I’m trying to get my [MIDI’d] Roland to come through in the session’s mixer so I dont’ have to run it out to my anologue mixer. And I’m going to need to record it soon anyway so that I […]


Mar 12 2008 Posted by in writing | 3 comments


. . . looking to maybe crank something out over the summer. Not talking the columned A/V stuff for commercials, but what’s the best software to write feature screenplays in? One that catches sentence-ending prepositions? I kid; I kid. Honestly, I don’t know, because I haven’t tried that many, but I can share what works […]


Dec 05 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Hair-Raising Plugs (Pro Tools)

Hair-Raising Plugs (Pro Tools)

Can you reccomend a good swiss army knife plug-in package for audio and music production? I honestly don’t have a huge arsenal of these like some folks. Still, I get by far the most use out of Gold Bundle from Waves. They’re very expensive, but it’s got just about everything that’s practical. The Renaissance plugs […]