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Sexual Reeling

Jun 16 2008 Posted by in entertainment, humor | 1 comment

Not long after The Matrix lit up the big screen, I caught a late-night B-movie on Skinemax called The Sexual Matrix. Twenty minutes and five refractory periods later it dawned upon me that one could bring a whole new level of meaning to traditional favorites simply by adding Sexual to the title. Like so:

The Sexual Color Purple
Sexual Pleasantville
The Last Sexual Boy Scout
My Own Private Sexual Idaho
A Bug’s Sex Life
Sexual Predator
The Sexual Shining
Sexual Platoon
Three Sexual Kings
Sexual Toy Story
ET: The Extra-Sexual Terrestrial
The Fabulous, Sexual Baker Boys
The Sixth Sexual Sense
The Fast and Sexually Furious
Requiem for a Sexual Dream
Close Encounters of the Sexual Kind
The Long, Sexual Kiss Goodnight
Sexual Wonder Boys
El Mariachi Sexual
First Sexual Blood
All the President’s Sexual Men
Sexual Flubber
Sexually Big
Cruel Sexual Intentions
My Sexual Dog Skip
The Sexual Limey
The Sexual Horse Whisperer
I Sexually Shot Andy Warhol
Sexual Rear Window
All the Right Sexual Moves
Sexually Clueless
Sixteen Sexual Candles

  1. butchieinstead06-27-08

    The Sexual Fountain
    There Will Be Sexual Blood
    The Black, Sexual Dahlia
    A Mighty Sexual Heart
    The Last Sexual Mimzy