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Album cover revealed!

Aug 17 2015 Posted by in music, news | Comments Off on Album cover revealed!

Here it is! She’s a beaut, eh? The artwork comes from the illustrious brush of Boden Steiner. He said the concept originated in my song “Costumes,” which is a nostalgic tune that’s partly about kids auditioning different personalities (“trying on costumes”) and figuring out what kind of people they want to become. The album’s larger themes are probably obvious from the title and his bold step into what surely will be flight, yeah?

(Click pics to embiggen.)

And here’s the back. This one’s sourced from stock, but modified heavily. It complements the lyrics to the title track, as well as illustrating the way the album loops from end to beginning.

In case you missed the audio preview I posted last week, here’s a new version with something pretty to look at during those six too-short minutes. Sharing encouraged.

I’m expecting a mid-September release on CD, download, and streaming.