The Dead Kennedys Were Tame

I am obsessed with unusual band names, and I confess to keeping a running list on my laptop that I’ll add to whenever inspiration strikes. You never know when your polka-core group is going to take off. . . Anyway, in my online travels, here are some others that I’ve stumbled over that put my own to shame.

The Sphinctones
The Boxing Ghandis
Lady Chatterly’s Hampster
Toxic Shock
Jif & the Choosy Mothers
Hugh Jorgen
The Gaza Strippers
Dreaded Apparatus
Honkys Hung Like Donkeys
Cap’n Crunch & the Cereal Killers
The Phenobarbidols
New Squids on the Dock
Barry White Boys
The Kitshickers
Jehovah’s Wetness
The Yeastie Girls
Operation: Cliff Claven
Bjorn Again
The Glands of External Secretion
Joan of Arkansas
The Hostile Amish
Pumpin’ Ethyl
The Elastic Sausage
Vic Tayback & the Violent Payback
Bill Bixby’s Big-Ass Communist Eighteen-Wheeler

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Gordon Highland is the author of the novels Flashover and Major Inversions, with short stories in such publications as Word Riot, Black Heart, Noir at the Bar Vol. 2, and Warmed and Bound, among others. He lives in the Kansas City area, where he makes videos by day and music by night.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about:

    Onward Crispin Glover
    Meat Beat Manifesto
    Free Beer
    The Itchy Bitches
    The Freds (who would perform as Fred Zeppelin, Simply Fred, etc.)

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