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Pro Tools  // Posts tagged as "Pro Tools"

May 01 2014 Posted by in multimedia, music, news, writing | Comments Off on Major Inversions audiobook

Major Inversions audiobook

Remember my debut novel from back in 2009? Ever wanted to cut out the eyeball middlemen and have the author’s voice streaming between your ears handsfree? Of all my fiction, Major Inversions made the most sense for an audiobook treatment because: • it’s written in first person, so the entire narrative is “in character” • […]


Jun 05 2008 Posted by in music | Comments Off on On Strike

On Strike

I’ve always taken a lot of (foolish) pride in constructing all my electronic drum tracks painstakingly by hand to give them a natural feel with my own fills and flourishes (I’m not a drummer, I’m a guitarist who plays keys), and they’ve always taken me a ridiculously long time to create – around three nights […]


Mar 12 2008 Posted by in multimedia, music | 1 comment

Olly Olly Aux Send Free

. . . and you’ve wrote some things about ProTools on here before . . . I’m trying to get my [MIDI’d] Roland to come through in the session’s mixer so I dont’ have to run it out to my anologue mixer. And I’m going to need to record it soon anyway so that I […]


Aug 26 2007 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Garage Renovations

Garage Renovations

The other day, a client asked me the difference between programs like GarageBand versus the software I use for audio production, Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer . . . To me, this is akin to asking what makes that fancy-lookin’ Rolls-Royce any differnt’n my AMC Pacer, since they both gets ‘ya from Point A […]


Dec 05 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Hair-Raising Plugs (Pro Tools)

Hair-Raising Plugs (Pro Tools)

Can you reccomend a good swiss army knife plug-in package for audio and music production? I honestly don’t have a huge arsenal of these like some folks. Still, I get by far the most use out of Gold Bundle from Waves. They’re very expensive, but it’s got just about everything that’s practical. The Renaissance plugs […]


Nov 30 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 2 comments

Voice-Over and Over and Over

The narration track he gave me was pretty much unusable. A little noisy, there’s all kinds of mouth sounds, odd breaths, sloppy pronunciations . . . How can I salvage this? Well, this is why he’s in a booth and we’re in the control room – you gotta crank that shit up to hear the […]


Oct 11 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Bass-Ackwards Drums

Bass-Ackwards Drums

We’re doing some online collaborative [metal] recordings by uploading our individual tracks from home studios, but the guitar riff usually comes first with us. So theyre waiting on me, but I have nothing to play to unless I wanna make a click. Will this work? Yes, playing to a click (metronome) is very common. The […]


Sep 28 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Mixing Others’ Ingredients (Pro Tools)

Mixing Others’ Ingredients (Pro Tools)

[I’m mixing a demo for a friend’s band.] They recorded at a little project studio (uh, basement) and did all the tracking in Pro Tools. Can I import those files into Cakewalk Sonar so I can do this at home? No and yes. It’ll take some preparation on their end to make this happen. You […]