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graphics  // Posts tagged as "graphics"

Jan 13 2014 Posted by in multimedia, writing | 4 comments

Book Layout Tips

The rise of self-publishing means more authors are taking on unfamiliar roles, with mixed results. To put it kindly. I’ll leave the marketing/promotion advice to others, but one aspect I can speak to with some authority is design. I’ve designed all three of my own books, assisted with several others, and worked on a ton […]


Jul 22 2011 Posted by in multimedia, music, other voices, writing | 1 comment

Book Trailer (Warmed and Bound)

To coincide with today’s release of Warmed and Bound: A Velvet Anthology, I created this promo. It’s composed of imagery inspired by stories in the collection, including original music from me. The intent is to evoke a feeling, a mood—ominous, violent, and redemptive—rather than paint specific settings or characterizations. Multi-plane animation (a.k.a. “2.5-D”) was used […]


Nov 04 2008 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Perceptive Pixel

Perceptive Pixel

In a time when we’re growing used to answering our cell phones by touching a screen, scrolling through picture galleries with a flick of the wrist, or enlarging them with an inverse pinching motion, it only makes sense that professional presenters do the same on a larger scale. Enter the Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall from Perceptive […]


Sep 19 2008 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Serifims and Arch-angles

Serifims and Arch-angles

[…] the rule-of-thumb for fonts was to use sans-serif, lest the serifs disappear in the laces, so to speak. Now that we are entering a world of de-interlaced, HD video, does the rule still apply? Ah, tricky one – a “yes, but”/”no, if.” It wasn’t that we couldn‘t use serifs, it’s just that their details […]


Jan 08 2008 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Vignettae


Just a little off the sides, please. I love me some vignettes, and incorporate them in some way on just about every graphic or video that crosses my transom. Most of the time it’s quite subtle, not just that templated “heavenly” or “dream sequence” white-corner effect. Let’s say you’re doing some work for a big […]


Oct 19 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on The DAM Tour

The DAM Tour

I’m researching archiving solutions for my company’s digital video library. We have all sorts of video media, from VHS to HD-DVD, BetaSP masters, Quicktime, Camtasia files, RealPlayer, Windows Media and everything in-between. How should we go about filing all of this media in the digital domain so we can access it, index it, search for […]


Jul 17 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Those Annoying Clients

Those Annoying Clients

They pay the bills, but they’re also the leading cause of aneurysms and hate crimes. So how do you maintain your tact and composure in the face of their perpetual ignorance? A guy I used to work for was fond of saying, “The customer’s not always right, but the customer’s always the customer.” He went […]


Jan 13 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on 1st and Ten

1st and Ten

We’ve all seen the yellow/blue lines in football broadcasts that indicate the scrimmage and line to gain. Ever wonder how it works? As you probably guessed, the line itself is superimposed via chromakey, so anything green- or dirt-colored gets replaced, as would any other solid color they choose. This is why player uniforms, shoes, field […]


Nov 21 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Fresh From the Oven (Photoshop)

Fresh From the Oven (Photoshop)

I need to convert a bunch of files [in Photoshop]. They’re all pretty much the same, so there’s got to be some kind of regimented way of doing this wihtout opening all 74 of them individually. . . . Of course there is. Some apps call it batch processing, but in Photoshop, they generally refer […]


Nov 10 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 1 comment

Web on TV (Photoshop)

. . . when i see TV commercials for web sites, they make it look more visual by animating the page in 3D, zooming way in on page features, etc. how are they able to do this with a low-resolution web page? It’s true that the web page itself is only 72ppi, but most of […]