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Jan 08 2008 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Vignettae


Just a little off the sides, please. I love me some vignettes, and incorporate them in some way on just about every graphic or video that crosses my transom. Most of the time it’s quite subtle, not just that templated “heavenly” or “dream sequence” white-corner effect. Let’s say you’re doing some work for a big […]


Oct 28 2007 Posted by in humor, multimedia | Comments Off on No Habla Técnico

No Habla Técnico

As a multimedia producer, I constantly find myself playing the role of interpreter between the writers, designers and video folks in my company, and the technical people (IT, programmers, engineers). As such, I frequently encounter written communication that one group finds confusing to the other. Do you have any general tips and tricks for translating […]


Oct 19 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on The DAM Tour

The DAM Tour

I’m researching archiving solutions for my company’s digital video library. We have all sorts of video media, from VHS to HD-DVD, BetaSP masters, Quicktime, Camtasia files, RealPlayer, Windows Media and everything in-between. How should we go about filing all of this media in the digital domain so we can access it, index it, search for […]


Jul 17 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Those Annoying Clients

Those Annoying Clients

They pay the bills, but they’re also the leading cause of aneurysms and hate crimes. So how do you maintain your tact and composure in the face of their perpetual ignorance? A guy I used to work for was fond of saying, “The customer’s not always right, but the customer’s always the customer.” He went […]


Jul 08 2007 Posted by in humor, multimedia | 1 comment

On-Set Translation

What they say. What they mean. “Picture’s up.”Get out of the frame and shut your pie holes. “Let’s go again; that shot went a little soft.”Because you’re also an exec producer, I’m blaming the focus puller for your wooden acting. “Check the gate.”If we have to do another take of this, I’ll slit my wrists. […]


May 21 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Theory of Relativity of Pixels

Theory of Relativity of Pixels

No matter what, my online video clips end up being huge files that take too long to download. But I need good quality. What does everyone else do? Re-opening the mailbag to play a little catch-up. Sorry for the delay. Data Rate is the key. Limit this to whatever you find reasonable. This usually ends […]


Jan 31 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Aping Mr. Pink

Aping Mr. Pink

How do i get that Reservoir Dogs stroby slomo look? If you’re talking about the one where they’re all walking down the street in a pack, that’s called step printing. This is when, a) they didn’t yet realize they wanted the shot in slow motion during production and decided later, b) were too cheap to […]


Jan 31 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Aborted Capture (FCP)

Aborted Capture (FCP)

Every time I start a batch capture, Final Cut cues the tape, prerolls, then aborts right at the inpoint with an error. I already checkd for timecode breaks. No tape dropouts, either. WTF? Two things. If this is a digital capture (some flavor of DV, not “digitizing” an analog source), make sure your current capture […]


Jan 19 2007 Posted by in multimedia | 1 comment

Open Up (Say “Ahh”)

Someone told me I should shoot all my video with the iris wide open, but I can’t remember why, and it doesn’t really make sense to me. Shed some light? This person was probably assuming you were going for that much-hyped film look with your video. Film looks the way it does for many reasons, […]


Jan 13 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on 1st and Ten

1st and Ten

We’ve all seen the yellow/blue lines in football broadcasts that indicate the scrimmage and line to gain. Ever wonder how it works? As you probably guessed, the line itself is superimposed via chromakey, so anything green- or dirt-colored gets replaced, as would any other solid color they choose. This is why player uniforms, shoes, field […]