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Feb 08 2008 Posted by in entertainment, writing | Comments Off on In Treatment

In Treatment

“There are way too many autobiographies. I mean, who cares?” – Paul Weston By now, you know the premise for this HBO series: one therapist sees five patients, each with their own half-hour session once a week, a new episode every weeknight for nine weeks. Two episodes in, I was intrigued. After ten, I’m sold […]


Jan 11 2008 Posted by in entertainment, writing | Comments Off on No Scribes, No Problem

No Scribes, No Problem

So, Variety says that Leno is still easily topping Letterman in the ratings, despite having no WGA staffers and relying on non-SAG guests and/or C-list scabs. And that reality shows (replacements or not) continue to outperform their scripted counterparts in prime time at around 30% of the cost. This is disturbing on so many levels, […]


Dec 21 2007 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on The Golden Flix Awards 2007

The Golden Flix Awards 2007

Lace that corset up tight, apply your bronzer, spark the klieg lights and cue the timpani . . . it’s my second annual, highly-subjective, far-from-all-inclusive guide to the best films of the year! That I saw. Mostly via Netflix. One hand in my popcorn and the other latched firmly to the Franzia spigot. Yes, I […]


Oct 09 2007 Posted by in entertainment | 2 comments

Cold Hard Facts

While taking in my prescribed weekly dose of NFL action, I was struck by something in a Coors Light commercial. Not struck in the same sense their customers should be for consuming that Rocky Mountain horse piss, I mean surprised struck. It was part of that campaign where they retrofit old post-game press conferences with […]


Feb 26 2007 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on Oscar® Hangover

Oscar® Hangover

How original, an Oscars post! Though neither nominated nor invited this year, I thought last night’s Academy Awards was a class broadcast all around. Sure, there were a few technical/timing gaffes, but having directed live variety shows before, I can tell you Murphy’s Law is in effect, you just have to be prepared. I really […]


Jan 28 2007 Posted by in entertainment, humor | 2 comments

Awards Show Etiquette

‘Tis the Season, and since I know all the industry insiders read this blog between meetings and lighting setups in their trailers, for your consideration I present the following tips to make your big night a memorable, gaffe-free one. • Orange is the new tan. With February nearing, it’s time to externalize your inner Oompa […]


Dec 13 2006 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on The 2006 Golden Flix Awards

The 2006 Golden Flix Awards

Yes, it’s the time when everyone makes their year-end best-of lists, and I’m no different (except that my opinions are right. . .). Damn you, Academy, you hear me pounding on the door, and I’ll keep scratching until you let me in to play your little reindeer games and get all those frickin’ sweet DVD […]


Dec 07 2006 Posted by in entertainment, humor | Comments Off on Movies I’d Pay to See

Movies I’d Pay to See

In high-concept Hollywood, idea is king. The single-sentence pitch. Here are a few of my aborted attempts at “star vehicles” for celebrities who could use a career-energizing role. Normally I don’t like to just give away my golden tickets for free, but I trust you people. As Tom Cruise’s detective character nears retirement, he must […]


Dec 06 2006 Posted by in entertainment, humor | Comments Off on My Television Education

My Television Education

I like to think that all those years spent in front of the idiot box made me a better person. TV is a great way to learn about how the world works. Were it not for television, I would never have come to realize that: No one actually works at their jobs; they are there […]


Oct 08 2006 Posted by in entertainment, humor | Comments Off on Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive

Another Sunday, another NFL post. Damn, I love this game. As an ex-broadcaster, though, there are lots of little annoyances that just eat at me all afternoon as I slip further into my weekly couch-assisted coma: • Analysts who hold a football while giving their field report, just in case I forget what sport they’re […]