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Everything on this page was written, recorded, and performed by myself (unless otherwise noted) in my home studio—Womb With a View—which is detailed on the Gear page. These songs may not be synchronized to other media, broadcast, or resold without my permission. All songs © Gordon Highland (BMI) except where noted. Lyrics available here.


ftl_cover_medFLASH is of course my nickname, but also the moniker I use for all my non-commissioned solo recordings: the fun stuff.


Finding the Light

This is the first album I’ve made commercially available, released in fall 2015. It was a total DIY production crafted over the course of nine months, with me writing, producing, performing, and mixing every track in my home studio, whose songs form a loose theme: the fall and rise of a musician.

Guitar and organ feature prominently, though it’s less self-indulgent than much of my earlier material. Just good ole catchy, melodic hard rock. A little hedonism, regret, and nostalgia en route to reinvention.

The amazing cover illustration is courtesy of Boden Steiner.

Visit the official Finding the Light page for purchase links (CD, download, streaming), digital booklet with lyrics, and some fun self-shot music videos. Or preview the entire album in the scrolling mini player below.

Old Stuff 1997-2002

Some eclectic selections from the FLASH archives. All are solo recordings, and “Music Inside” features Beckie Robinson on vocals.

FLASH – Invocation: Killing the Muse       FLASH (The Beach Boys) – God Only Knows
FLASH – Surfing With Joe       FLASH (Van Halen) – Drop Dead Legs
FLASH – Hangnail       FLASH (Charlie Daniels) – Devil Went Down to Georgia
FLASH – Music Inside
FLASH – Words  
FLASH – the producer  


Here are some short music cues I’ve created for multimedia productions (video/film/web). Because many of these were meant to synchronize with on-screen events, the timing may seem odd in spots. All were produced very quickly on little or no budget, and I performed all the instruments, except on the the last two tracks, which feature Rod and Chad Caylor on drums and bass, respectively (I co-wrote, played guitar, and mixed).

FLASH – Flashmob       FLASH – The Safety Song (f/ Shae Marie)
FLASH – Warmed and Bound       FLASH – ManArchy Orientation
FLASH – Kidementia       FLASH – The Soul Consortium
FLASH – ’80s Cheeze       FLASH – Action!
FLASH – Important Question? Podcast 1       FLASH – Unprintable: The LitReactor Podcast
FLASH – Important Question? Podcast 2       Pornscore – Checkered Flag
FLASH – The Velvet Podcast       Pornscore – Start Your Engines

In 2018, I scored the serialized horror podcast Larkspur Underground, written and produced by Michael Paul Gonzalez in Los Angeles over 11 episodes. Read about that process in this post, listen to the score below, or download it free as an MP3 album version (ZIP) Dropbox

FLASH – Larkspur Underground Theme    FLASH – Escape iPod
FLASH – Newsbreak    FLASH – Dethbed
FLASH – Evidence    FLASH – Crimescene
FLASH – The Scientist    FLASH – Purgatory
FLASH – Footsteps    FLASH – Soul Separation
FLASH – The Dark    FLASH – Accomplicit?
FLASH – Reprieve    FLASH – The Facility  
FLASH – Sponsor Lounge    FLASH – Schrödinger’s Amber
FLASH – Spurious    FLASH – Madera Mea Culpa
FLASH – Roadent    FLASH – Larkspur Arcade (8-bit Reprise)

TopWinebox (2008-12) (2018-)

In 2018, we reformed Winebox as a band (‘2.0’), along with bassist Chad Caylor formerly of Molly’s Crush (below). I retired the piano and strapped on my ‘Texas Tea’ electric guitar while we pursued a new direction: groovier and sunnier, reworking some classics and making room for eventual originals. We recorded a demo as a three-piece (with drum programming), which I mixed in my home studio, then self-shot these videos one afternoon. A peek into the tasting room while we ready the next vintage.

Previously, in 2008, Winebox had reunited me with Shae Marie (formerly of Molly’s Crush, below). We stripped things down acoustically, playing a mix of our favorite covers from the last 30-odd years. Much of it was singer-songwriter material—and all of it soulful—with classic/modern rock, torch songs, and some jangly stuff. Shae handled the vocals and percussion, with me on guitar, piano, and harmonies. I also produced several recordings of originals in the same musical vein as well.

Winebox – Toasted (Last Call)    Winebox (The Civil Wars) – Barton Hollow
Winebox – The Sacred and Profane    Winebox (Peter Gabriel) – In Your Eyes
Winebox – Stale Air    Winebox (Fiona Apple) – Shadowboxer

TopMolly’s Crush (2003-05)

“A Musical Tribute to the ’80s.” This was a truly professional regional act with some high-caliber musicianship. We covered everything from Billy Idol to Talking Heads with a surprisingly soulful edge and the requisite dose of camp. Known for our genre-defying medleys, we kept the asses shakin’ and the bar tab open. Co-stars: Dirk Manley (Ed Costin), Roxy Britannica (Shae Marie), and brothers Rocko Starr (Chad Caylor) and The Reverend (Rod Caylor). I played guitar and sang all the backups, and produced the demo.

Molly’s Crush – show opener megamix



Live Tracks

Molly’s Crush (Don Henley) – Dirty Laundry    Molly’s Crush (The Alarm) – Sold Me Down the River
Molly’s Crush (The Tubes) – She’s a Beauty    Molly’s Crush (The Cure) – Just Like Heaven
Molly’s Crush (‘Til Tuesday) – Voices Carry    Molly’s Crush (A Flock of Seagulls) – I Ran
Molly’s Crush (Crowded House) – Don’t Dream It’s Over    Molly’s Crush (Billy Vera) – At This Moment
Molly’s Crush (Heart) – Never    Molly’s Crush (various) – medley instrumental

TopFurley (1995)

Spawned from a short-lived group called Pipe in late 1994, this reunited the Mr. Salty trinity, adding a second guitar and bluesy vocals. Four-chord modern rock with southern tendencies, spanning Pearl Jam to Collective Soul to The Black Crowes. Best known for “Here I Go,” which got regional airplay, Furley was largely the house band at a Maryville, MO club called Molly’s. Other players: Jon Kluiter, Pat Redd, Darin Casey, and Austin Howell. Darin and Austin split time with Des Moines favorite The McKenzies, for whom I also created a live promo video. Furley continued for another year without me, recording some originals at Westend Studios in Kansas City. In 2008, we performed an impromptu reunion gig in Kansas City.

More live Furley videos onYouTube

TopMr. Salty (1992-93)

Hey, it’s a better name than The Extreme Skid Halen Floyd Peppers, which summed up our influences at the time. My first gigging band came together from a series of internet postings, mutual friends, and some natural-selection jamming. The final gasp of pre-grunge metal, we covered GNR, Poison, Crüe, etc. for beer money, eventually recording a CD of original guilty pleasures called Life, Love, and Mediocrity. Partners in crime: Tony Konecne, Jon Kluiter, and Darin Casey. Previous players included Nathan Carter and Chad Thompson.