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graphic design

Click the thumbnails for larger images and project descriptions.

for video

Ad for a theater concession in an MST3K-inspired video VHS-style dating service profile Opening title for a band documentary
Full-body 3D models created in Adobe Fuse for posing and animation in Photoshop. (Multiple source photos were used.) Original photo was an empty bus in traffic. I shot and composited the humans, the USB modem product, then cut it into layers by depth for a multiplane animation. Billboard parodying a fictional cellphone company
Three-way splitscreen from a locked-down GoPro camera. A seamless effect but unfortunate overexposure. From an animation explaining the Internet of Things, including safety features of connected cars. 34 bucks. I didn't shoot the photo, just cloned and rearranged them from a few samples.
Title for a video that parodies the good-ole-boy sales networking of the 1950s. I added extensive film damage like scratches, hairs, grain, defocus, bloom, and gate weave, along with lo-fi sound right out of a post-war newsreel. Overlay I created for a faux-low-tech newcast's remote feed. Yep, that's just a scan of a legal pad with marker. Both of the clips are greenscreen comps as well; the actors were standing right next to one another. From a contest highlight video I shot in New York City.

Topfor web

When Alex Smith's dominant 2017 KC Chiefs season coincided with the release of a film starring his doppelgänger, I couldn't resist. Avatar promoting a podcast episode about ghostbusting (my co-host morphed with Slimer) Created for an essay about MPAA film ratings; based on a food label
Splash image referencing a novel in which a man wakes up in an ice tub with his kidney removed One of those Where's Waldo-type collages where each image has a significance you're supposed to identify, which in this case are elements of an author's novels. Photoshopped three authors' heads onto this screengrab.
Header graphic for my old media blog Just a Venn diagram concept that amused me Mock-up of a fake social media page (matched fonts, etc.) to tell a story about insider trading
Some initial rejected logo concepts for an '80s tribute band One page from a web site for an '80s tribute band. When you hovered over a person in the group pic, they colorized, and their bio and individual photo gallery appeared below. Teenybopper gossip magazine cover as the splash page for a band's fan forum
Graphic and logo for a band whose name evokes various kinds of imagery. A page from my old site, G Dot Com. The icons at the top were the main navigation, with text sub-nav below. One page from a site I designed for a regional branch of the child advocacy organization CASA. They wanted to make it easier for people in the community to become involved at whatever level they're comfortable.

Topfor print

Alternate cover concept for my first novel, Major Inversions Proposed book cover design, source photo by Chelsea Kyle Mock-up for a book cover design. Original photo provided by author.
book cover design disc design for silkscreen printing Original scan on left, customizable ticket template on right. I recreated the watermark so I could type on top of it. Not intended for fraud, merely to display e-tickets alongside printed ones in a collage.
Full-page ad in Guitar Player magazine. Client supplied amateur pics of their display walls (which I stitched and perspective-corrected) and the monkey, which had to be separated from its original background. Full-page magazine ad to let customers know they've moved. I shot the photo also. From a series of partial food labels I designed for an e-course on nutrition
A disturbing short story inferred through a progression of receipts To visually distinguish the flow of stories versus poems in this collection while also unifying them, I center-justified the page numbers (and changed case) Flyer for a reading event at the AWP conference