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graphic design

Click the thumbnails for larger images and project descriptions.


Full-page ad in Guitar Player magazine. Client supplied point-n-shoot pix of their display walls (which I stitched and perspective-corrected) and the monkey photo, which had to be separated from its original background. Half-page magazine ad to let customers know they're moving. I shot the photo also. From a series of partial food labels I designed for an educational piece on nutrition.
Part of a brochure for a video production company. That's actually me operating the console as well. Mock-up for a book cover design. Another book cover mock-up.
Invitation to charity celebrity chefs event. I also designed the programs and recipe booklets Flyer for an reading event at the AWP conference. T-shirt design for an online community that celebrates three authors, featuring simple iconography associated with each.


One page from a web site for an '80s tribute band. When you moused over a person in the group picture, they colorized, and their bio and individual photo gallery appeared below. One page from a site I designed for a regional branch of the child advocacy organization CASA. They wanted to make it easier for people in the community to become involved at whatever level they're comfortable. A page from my old site, G Dot Com. The icons at the top were the main navigation, with text sub-nav below.
One of those Where's Waldo-type collages where each image has a significance you're supposed to identify, which in this case are elements of an author's novels. Desktop pattern created for my musical duo Windebox. A composite of individual elements. Mock-up panels for a course on workplace violence and corporate security training. Not being much of an illustrator, I created photo treatments instead.
Ordering and sample pages for a novel. Header graphic for my old media blog. Web banner.


Title graphic for a video that parodies the good-ole-boy sales networking of the 1950s. I added extensive film damage like scratches, hairs, grain, defocus, bloom, and gate weave, along with lo-fi sound right out of a post-war newsreel. Overlay I created for a faux-low-tech newcast's remote feed. Yep, that's just a scan of a legal pad with marker. Both of the clips are greenscreen comps as well; the actors were standing right next to one another. From a contest highlight video I shot in New York City.
Video still from a show that featured high-performing employees. It had a SportsCenter-type feel, including team-player 3D animations with type-on statistics when each person was introduced. Title graphic for a band promo comped from some actual video captures, and matching the duotone of their current album cover. DVD menu from the short film Featurette.