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television  // Posts tagged as "television"

May 15 2013 Posted by in entertainment, humor | Comments Off on Gas Up the Stair Car

Gas Up the Stair Car

I was gonna do this whole post about evolving media distribution, and how I dig the new Netflix model because it allows me to shotgun series the way I prefer. But I already pretty much covered that with my House of Cards write-up over at ManArchy. And really, I’m such an Arrested Development fanboy that […]


Aug 30 2011 Posted by in multimedia, music, news, writing | 1 comment

Northwest Alumni feature

The fall issue of Northwest, the alumni magazine of my alma mater Northwest Missouri State University (where I earned my degree in Mass Communication in 1995) contains a short feature on yours truly. Click the article to enlarge, or the cover to browse the entire Issuu via NWMSU’s site.      


Feb 05 2010 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on TV By the Numbers

TV By the Numbers

TV By the Numbers

The Hawthorne effect suggests that a subject that’s aware it’s being observed will alter its behavior accordingly, that the act of study itself can taint results. When I was contacted by Nielsen to participate in an eight-day study of television viewing habits for sweeps week, my mind immediately fantasized of staging a coup upon all […]


Jun 01 2009 Posted by in entertainment, humor | 2 comments

Trite Tropes

Cinema is a language with its own conventions. The audience must be familiar with certain patterns, even unconsciously, for the transfer of visuals to register properly. Establishing a scene with a wide shot to get our bearings, not crossing the 180-degree axis, keeping the flow of action moving in a single screen direction – folks […]


Mar 28 2009 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on 3-DVD


[. . .] real-D. the new 3-D technology. MY BLOODY VALENTINE and the others. how the hell is that supposed to work on DVD? will it be the same, the same depth and all? The whole point is trying to lure people back to theaters. However, looking toward the future, you would need a specialized […]


Nov 04 2008 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Perceptive Pixel

Perceptive Pixel

In a time when we’re growing used to answering our cell phones by touching a screen, scrolling through picture galleries with a flick of the wrist, or enlarging them with an inverse pinching motion, it only makes sense that professional presenters do the same on a larger scale. Enter the Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall from Perceptive […]


Oct 19 2008 Posted by in entertainment, humor, writing | Comments Off on Promo Copy Cats

Promo Copy Cats

Cutting through network promotions clichéd hyperbole. What they say. What they mean. The show everyone’s talking about.Everyone being those in our programming department whose jobs are on the line. It’s been a ratings disappointment despite the buzz cash we poured into ads and promotion. See the show critics are calling “X.”We doomed it with a […]


Aug 13 2008 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on Hannah and Her Consenting Sisters

Hannah and Her Consenting Sisters

Would you care to share any thoughts on the latest Miley Cyrus scandal? More to the point, on the use of “scandal as P.R. device” in general, especially “planned” scandals. I mean, in the old days, raping and killing a bimbo in the St. Francis Hotel would put a stain on your career; nowadays, it’d […]


Jul 05 2008 Posted by in entertainment, music, writing | 1 comment

Fairy Dust Between the Sprockets

Having just been reduced to a wide-eyed nine-year-old all over again by witnessing E.T.: The Extraterrestrial in its high definition glory, and awing at the recent digital majesty of Wall•e, it brought to mind the question: what makes for magical cinema? What are the ingredients of timelessness? What’s the big diff between The Incredibles and […]


Jun 23 2008 Posted by in humor | Comments Off on Morbid George

Morbid George

A sad, sad day in the kingdom. George Carlin dead at age 71. I had the pleasure of seeing him live (rhymes with dive, not give – but both, really), as did many, thanks to his grueling tour schedule. Especially in later years, he loved to poke fun at Death, and I can only imagine […]