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Dec 31 2009 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on The Golden Flix Awards 2009

The Golden Flix Awards 2009

Hard to believe this is my fourth annual offering. After an exhaustive amount of deliberation, below you’ll find this year’s winners and runners-up, ready to populate your Netflix queue with months of quality entertainment. The usual disclaimers apply. Though I’ve seen nearly 100 new movies this year, mostly on home video (so a few of […]


Mar 28 2009 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on 3-DVD


[. . .] real-D. the new 3-D technology. MY BLOODY VALENTINE and the others. how the hell is that supposed to work on DVD? will it be the same, the same depth and all? The whole point is trying to lure people back to theaters. However, looking toward the future, you would need a specialized […]


Dec 19 2008 Posted by in entertainment | 6 comments

The Golden Flix Awards 2008

[EDITED 12/31/08 to include several worthy new films that forced retractions.] Toss your dog in your purse and text your publicist on the way to the dress fitting . . . it’s time to raise the sails for my third annual windbaggery about the year in cinema – at least the approximately 120 new films […]


Nov 25 2008 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on Forkin’ Screen

Forkin’ Screen

Forkin’ Screen

My long-awaited outing to see Synecdoche, New York (review here), was a unique experience. AMC Theaters is headquartered in my town, and they often pilot new initiatives at my local flagship complex. Their latest endeavor is called Fork & Screen, and in a changing market that finds more folks staying home to watch movies, it […]


Jul 30 2008 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on Cineplexity


Tickets to off-Broadway productions cost more than those of regional theater (at the same venue). New England Patriots seats will set you back more than Buffalo Bills seats (for the same matchup, even). If you want to ride the Vominator at the local theme park, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets. […]


Jul 05 2008 Posted by in entertainment, music, writing | 1 comment

Fairy Dust Between the Sprockets

Having just been reduced to a wide-eyed nine-year-old all over again by witnessing E.T.: The Extraterrestrial in its high definition glory, and awing at the recent digital majesty of Wall•e, it brought to mind the question: what makes for magical cinema? What are the ingredients of timelessness? What’s the big diff between The Incredibles and […]


Feb 09 2008 Posted by in entertainment, humor | Comments Off on Soul Nurses From Hell

Soul Nurses From Hell

Whatever you thought of last year’s Grindhouse (for me, any nit-picky disappointments were suppressed by the fact it got made at all), nearly everyone agrees the best parts were the trailers before and between. Hope ya saw it in the theater, because they’re sadly missing from the current home video releases. Fear not, though, because […]


Dec 21 2007 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on The Golden Flix Awards 2007

The Golden Flix Awards 2007

Lace that corset up tight, apply your bronzer, spark the klieg lights and cue the timpani . . . it’s my second annual, highly-subjective, far-from-all-inclusive guide to the best films of the year! That I saw. Mostly via Netflix. One hand in my popcorn and the other latched firmly to the Franzia spigot. Yes, I […]


Nov 05 2007 Posted by in humor | 1 comment

To-Do List, Week of 11/5

• Pick up waivers for Mr. Copperfield• Contact paternity lawyer re: weekend with Xtina• Get tattoo before leaving for Slovakian hostel• Hold up convenience-store line by paying with cash• Decide on a presidential candidate• Calculate fewest number of paces between my office and three adjacent Starbucks• Tuesday breakfast drinks with Amy Winehouse• Blog about under-the-radar […]


Oct 13 2007 Posted by in writing | 4 comments


She stole a piece of him. Now he wants it back. That’s the tagline to what is now my least-favorite movie, based on one of my all-time favorite novels. When you understand that the woman who “wrote” and directed it thieved it literally scene-for-scene from a man’s ten-years-published novel, you’ll appreciate its irony. I wonder […]