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MIDI  // Posts tagged as "MIDI"

Mar 12 2008 Posted by in multimedia, music | 1 comment

Olly Olly Aux Send Free

. . . and you’ve wrote some things about ProTools on here before . . . I’m trying to get my [MIDI’d] Roland to come through in the session’s mixer so I dont’ have to run it out to my anologue mixer. And I’m going to need to record it soon anyway so that I […]


Dec 13 2006 Posted by in music | 2 comments


. . . got a Kawai K4 [synth] that’s now just a controller board plugged into his VintageKeys [E-MU sound module] and then to the Midisport [MIDI interface]. i’m not getting any MIDI response on playback. records the data fine, but no Hammond sound. I’m not a real MIDI guru, but there is one thing […]