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Final Cut Pro  // Posts tagged as "Final Cut Pro"

Nov 10 2015 Posted by in multimedia, music, news | 1 comment

“Songs I Wrote in the ’80s” music video

This one takes my previous video, “Antidote,” to the next level: a logical progression from studio to stage. Enjoy! Special thanks to Pat Redd and School of Rock Overland Park. Trivia: • The song itself was inspired by Jason Webley (troubadour accordionist extraordinaire). Late into one of his shows, when taking audience requests, someone shouted […]


Sep 08 2015 Posted by in multimedia, music, news | Comments Off on Finding the Light album released!

Finding the Light album released!

The day has come! Finding the Light is my first commercially released album. It was a total DIY production crafted over the course of nine months, with me writing, performing, and mixing every track in my home studio, whose songs form a loose theme: the fall and rise of a musician. A music video at […]


Sep 05 2015 Posted by in multimedia, music, news | 2 comments

“Antidote” music video

With my Finding the Light album release this week, I figured I should preview a full track. And in the same spirit as the recording process, why not keep the video DIY, too? Trivia: • Self-shot with a single GoPro on a gooseneck clamp in my Womb With a View studio. • This was the […]


Jan 31 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Aborted Capture (FCP)

Aborted Capture (FCP)

Every time I start a batch capture, Final Cut cues the tape, prerolls, then aborts right at the inpoint with an error. I already checkd for timecode breaks. No tape dropouts, either. WTF? Two things. If this is a digital capture (some flavor of DV, not “digitizing” an analog source), make sure your current capture […]


Nov 03 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Pixel Aspect Ratio

Pixel Aspect Ratio

I’m new to video/dvd and I need to make some video in Final Cut, then import it into iDVD Studio. I need to make some graphics in Photoshop for the DVD menu. What resolution should I save them out as and on what canvas size? I’m making a NTSC dvd in 4:3 aspect… Please help!!! […]


Oct 26 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Mingling Frame Rates (FCP)

Mingling Frame Rates (FCP)

A production house [gave me a tape] that is interlaced video, and I need to cut it into my project, but our shooter did everything in 24p, which we want to keep. Politics as they are, I’m forced to use some of this other footage, but don’t know how to combine the two technically. Think […]


Oct 03 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 2 comments

Limp Fades (FCP)

Any time I have more than one layer stacked up on my [Final Cut Pro] timeline and I want to fade them out equally (like to black or to dissolve to another clip), I get this weak doubling see-thru effect. Surely this has to be doable. It is. The reason this happens is because all […]


Sep 25 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Never Sur-Render (FCP)

Never Sur-Render (FCP)

[In Final Cut Pro], every time I drop a clip into the timeline, it says I have to render the thing, but I know my project is set up for DV50, just like the camera settings. Aaargh! I’m going to hurt someone soon. Should I just render everything and move on? This is a bug […]