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encoding  // Posts tagged as "encoding"

Mar 28 2009 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on MP3 Manipulation

MP3 Manipulation

I just downloaded a file/mp3 on a friend’s computer. it’s in iTunes and I can burn it. thing is, it’s a live recording and only one file and too long to fit on a single disc. is there a way to break it up into individual tracks and not have pauses between them when playing? […]


Feb 13 2009 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on RED With Envy

RED With Envy

A former professor sent me an email recently about a movie shoot, and mentioned that they would be using a “Red Camera.” What is this new camera, and what are your thoughts on it? Is it a good product, is it expensive, and/or worth the cost? RED. The short answer is that it’s a brand […]


Jun 02 2008 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Flivvy Swiffle

Flivvy Swiffle

I read awhile back that you said Flash was the most proliferated way to post online video content. How exactly do I do this? I use an app called Sorenson Squeeze* to create FLVs (and WMVs etc. in batches). It does multi-pass encoding that you won’t get by exporting through an editing app. Though if […]


Oct 19 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on The DAM Tour

The DAM Tour

I’m researching archiving solutions for my company’s digital video library. We have all sorts of video media, from VHS to HD-DVD, BetaSP masters, Quicktime, Camtasia files, RealPlayer, Windows Media and everything in-between. How should we go about filing all of this media in the digital domain so we can access it, index it, search for […]


May 21 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Theory of Relativity of Pixels

Theory of Relativity of Pixels

No matter what, my online video clips end up being huge files that take too long to download. But I need good quality. What does everyone else do? Re-opening the mailbag to play a little catch-up. Sorry for the delay. Data Rate is the key. Limit this to whatever you find reasonable. This usually ends […]


Nov 10 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 2 comments


I need to convert the [downloaded] WMV clip to a Quicktime so that I can edit it [on my Mac], but I can’t find anything that will do this. Let’s back up a step and assume that you first attempted to track down an uncompressed source. Call your client and see if they can put […]