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songwriting  // Posts tagged as "songwriting"

Sep 29 2006 Posted by in music | 3 comments


. . . some music that I wrote using Apple’s GarageBand Oh, hell no. Let’s be clear. You “wrote” that tune as much as I wrote your question: Copy, Paste. Tweaking a few loops or stringing together samples is not composing, friends. That’s like assembling a jigsaw puzzle of the Mona Lisa and calling yourself […]


Sep 22 2006 Posted by in music, writing | Comments Off on Lyrics On the Nose

Lyrics On the Nose

Ever enjoy a catchy tune and then open the CD booklet only to find the lyrics read like something out of your sister’s junior-high journal? Where has the great tradition of lyricists gone? Our Leonard Cohens, our Rogers Waterses, our Joni Mitchells? The stuff that could just as easily be published alongside Rimbaud as Rick […]