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Dec 05 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Hair-Raising Plugs (Pro Tools)

Hair-Raising Plugs (Pro Tools)

Can you reccomend a good swiss army knife plug-in package for audio and music production? I honestly don’t have a huge arsenal of these like some folks. Still, I get by far the most use out of Gold Bundle from Waves. They’re very expensive, but it’s got just about everything that’s practical. The Renaissance plugs […]


Nov 16 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Formulatin’ da Funk

Formulatin’ da Funk

What makes a great song? A couple of months ago I wrote about leaving enough interpretive room to engage the listener. But that’s just one element. And I’m not referring to what causes a song to chart or sell. That’s simple: • Payola. Free merch, ticket giveaways, exclusive access, etc. in exchange for airplay.• Imitating […]


Oct 31 2006 Posted by in humor, music | 1 comment

The Dead Kennedys Were Tame

I am obsessed with unusual band names, and I confess to keeping a running list on my laptop that I’ll add to whenever inspiration strikes. You never know when your polka-core group is going to take off. . . Anyway, in my online travels, here are some others that I’ve stumbled over that put my […]


Oct 17 2006 Posted by in music | 1 comment

Space. Time. Continuum.

A saw a prototype of this a couple of years ago and promptly forgot all about it. Then last week I was watching the new Dream Theater live DVD Score, where their world-class keyboard player Jordan Rudess was rocking one of these. A very cool instrument that’s somewhere between a theremin and a lap steel […]


Oct 11 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Bass-Ackwards Drums

Bass-Ackwards Drums

We’re doing some online collaborative [metal] recordings by uploading our individual tracks from home studios, but the guitar riff usually comes first with us. So theyre waiting on me, but I have nothing to play to unless I wanna make a click. Will this work? Yes, playing to a click (metronome) is very common. The […]


Oct 10 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Synesthesia


Some say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But often this artwork is so pervasive that even after you’ve experienced the whole of the work inside, you can’t help but filter your memory of it through that seminal representation. Ever notice that your favorite records sound like the album artwork? Like, to me, […]


Oct 03 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine

Live bands who play with prerecorded backing tracks. Many conflicting feelings here to sort out. Today’s songs are far denser than those of the past. A five-piece band using up 48 tracks is very common, unlike the Beatles or early Pink Floyd who were on the cutting edge with four tracks that would get bounced […]


Sep 29 2006 Posted by in music | 3 comments


. . . some music that I wrote using Apple’s GarageBand Oh, hell no. Let’s be clear. You “wrote” that tune as much as I wrote your question: Copy, Paste. Tweaking a few loops or stringing together samples is not composing, friends. That’s like assembling a jigsaw puzzle of the Mona Lisa and calling yourself […]


Sep 28 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Mixing Others’ Ingredients (Pro Tools)

Mixing Others’ Ingredients (Pro Tools)

[I’m mixing a demo for a friend’s band.] They recorded at a little project studio (uh, basement) and did all the tracking in Pro Tools. Can I import those files into Cakewalk Sonar so I can do this at home? No and yes. It’ll take some preparation on their end to make this happen. You […]


Sep 24 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Confessions of a Tone-Whore

Confessions of a Tone-Whore

I want to buy an electric [guitar], what do you suggest? I like the look of the Les Paul guitars, but not sure what kind of sound they put out. Only way I can think of to determine what sort of electric I might want is to figure out what bands I like are playing. […]