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Oct 23 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 2 comments

The 20-Year Filter (Photoshop)

I always hear about photographers “airbrushing” [their glamor shots]. In the modern era where everything’s obviously done in Photoshop . . . what’s the best technique for getting that flawless skin? The first thing I do is take care of hotspots, where the light reflects and blows the image out to white or near-white, which […]


Oct 16 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 2 comments

Act Like a Friend

i’m using friends as actors, so i don’t wanna be too harsh on them cause they’re doing me a favor, but every shoot’s running way overtime and annoying my crew (also volunteers). how can i . . . balance this out and keep everyone happy and still get what i need from the scene? Everyone’s […]


Oct 03 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 2 comments

Limp Fades (FCP)

Any time I have more than one layer stacked up on my [Final Cut Pro] timeline and I want to fade them out equally (like to black or to dissolve to another clip), I get this weak doubling see-thru effect. Surely this has to be doable. It is. The reason this happens is because all […]


Sep 25 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Never Sur-Render (FCP)

Never Sur-Render (FCP)

[In Final Cut Pro], every time I drop a clip into the timeline, it says I have to render the thing, but I know my project is set up for DV50, just like the camera settings. Aaargh! I’m going to hurt someone soon. Should I just render everything and move on? This is a bug […]


Sep 21 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Dodge & Burn (Photoshop)

Dodge & Burn (Photoshop)

Dodge & Burn (Photoshop)

Here’s a master-class technique someone showed me a few years ago. When you have some spotty lightening/darkening correction to perform on an image, it’s more efficient to do this work all on one single layer that serves as a pseudo-adjustment layer, rather than the traditional endless undo/redo auditioning as you go along. Create a New […]


Sep 21 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Progressive (After All These Years)

Progressive (After All These Years)

So it looks like Sony’s new HVR-V1U ($4800) shipping in December is going to be a true progressive-scan camera. If that’s accurate, this is a very big deal in the camcorder world. Even though they offer HD resolutions, Sony cams have often been passed over in recent years in favor of Panasonic’s standard-def cameras, simply […]