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Dec 06 2006 Posted by in multimedia, music | 1 comment

Gain Staging

The audio levels on both the camera and the mixer looked good, but everything was distorted when we played it back. What the hell could it have been? There are many places where things could’ve gone wrong. That’s why it’s important to understand the concept of gain staging. In a typical field audio setup, the […]


Nov 30 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 2 comments

Voice-Over and Over and Over

The narration track he gave me was pretty much unusable. A little noisy, there’s all kinds of mouth sounds, odd breaths, sloppy pronunciations . . . How can I salvage this? Well, this is why he’s in a booth and we’re in the control room – you gotta crank that shit up to hear the […]


Nov 29 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on A Refreshing Take on Shutter

A Refreshing Take on Shutter

I was getting the dreaded rolling scan-line thing when shooting the computer monitor, and it HAS to be in the shot and in motion. The camcorder does have a manul shutter, but I can’t dial it in to sync up to the screen. I thought 60 would work, but it’s not quite right. To bring […]


Nov 21 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Fresh From the Oven (Photoshop)

Fresh From the Oven (Photoshop)

I need to convert a bunch of files [in Photoshop]. They’re all pretty much the same, so there’s got to be some kind of regimented way of doing this wihtout opening all 74 of them individually. . . . Of course there is. Some apps call it batch processing, but in Photoshop, they generally refer […]


Nov 16 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Goodbye to Color

Goodbye to Color

I’m going to begin principal photography . . . and the final product will need to be in in black and white. I was curious as to what would be the best route in achieving this. The SDX900 has no plain B&W setting. Does this mean that it’s not possible to extract all the color […]


Nov 10 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 1 comment

Web on TV (Photoshop)

. . . when i see TV commercials for web sites, they make it look more visual by animating the page in 3D, zooming way in on page features, etc. how are they able to do this with a low-resolution web page? It’s true that the web page itself is only 72ppi, but most of […]


Nov 10 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 2 comments


I need to convert the [downloaded] WMV clip to a Quicktime so that I can edit it [on my Mac], but I can’t find anything that will do this. Let’s back up a step and assume that you first attempted to track down an uncompressed source. Call your client and see if they can put […]


Nov 03 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Pixel Aspect Ratio

Pixel Aspect Ratio

I’m new to video/dvd and I need to make some video in Final Cut, then import it into iDVD Studio. I need to make some graphics in Photoshop for the DVD menu. What resolution should I save them out as and on what canvas size? I’m making a NTSC dvd in 4:3 aspect… Please help!!! […]


Nov 03 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Slates


When placing colorbars on the head of a tape for a dupe house, how big and where should your company info be? Any shots of good examples? The last ten seconds of bars I cut away to the slate and leave the tone going underneath. Make sure the production info is easily readable (title, client, […]


Nov 02 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Keep Your Focus

Keep Your Focus

[In my short film] I’m using a dolly for the first time. A lot of the moves go in and out in addition to just left and right. I’m used to using zoom instead, so focus has never been a problem before. But now that the distance is changing I have to keep racking the […]