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Oct 07 2006 Posted by in entertainment, humor | 3 comments

Naked Celebs

That oughta get the Google spiders working, eh? I love passionate films where actors lose themselves in roles, completely selling us on their physical or emotional transformation. Recently, an actress friend was asking about being in my next short film, and she made a deliberate point that nudity would not be a problem in the […]


Sep 25 2006 Posted by in entertainment, humor | Comments Off on Strong Like Bull

Strong Like Bull

We gotta understand a few things about these boner-pill ads. First, the disclaimer. Erections lasting more than four hours may require medical attention. This is less a warning than marketing. “Wha– huh? You mean I might be able to go four hours? Cancel my afternoon appointments, Jeannie, and unpack all those gels from my carry-on.” […]


Sep 24 2006 Posted by in entertainment | Comments Off on Mute the Motormouths

Mute the Motormouths

It’s NFL season. Got a 5.1 Dolby Digital system with HD? Get tired of the insightless windbag commentators? I do. All you gotta do is reach around and unplug one of the wires from your center speaker (or just turn it off if possible). For live sporting events, all of the chatter is mixed to […]