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Leakage in the Folds

Aug 17 2008 Posted by in entertainment, music | Comments Off on Leakage in the Folds

I don’t like to just re-post news items here (there’s no shortage of those kinds of blogs already), but I had to make an exception for one of my favorite musicians, Ben Folds. The guy booked a day in the studio, recorded fake versions of many of the songs on his much-anticipated new album, and then leaked them. This filled me with a joy akin to that recently mentioned about when the tabloid media get duped. Manufacturing scandal and generating press by turning the machinery against itself. Briiiiilliant!

What makes this effort particularly amusing is that, because of Ben’s trademark irreverence and wit, these allegedly-bad songs actually fit nicely into the Folds oeuvre. Yes, the lyrics are frattishly narrow-minded, but taking on moronic points of view is a technique he often employs anyway. This of course begs the question: if the artist performed and recorded the music, how can it be fake? And if Weird Al parodies himself in the woods, does anyone hear it?