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Aborted Capture (FCP)

Jan 31 2007 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Aborted Capture (FCP)

Every time I start a batch capture, Final Cut cues the tape, prerolls, then aborts right at the inpoint with an error. I already checkd for timecode breaks. No tape dropouts, either. WTF?

Two things. If this is a digital capture (some flavor of DV, not “digitizing” an analog source), make sure your current capture settings match your footage type. Sounds obvious, but these get reset when you switch between projects with different settings. For example, if you have an HDV-codec tape accidentally set to capture at regular DV, it will abort because it can’t transcode on the fly. Or DV versus DV50, etc.

It’s also possible (though I haven’t tested this theory) that you switched codecs or speeds mid-tape when shooting, and the preroll is crossing this gap. To save time, you can change the capture preset for all clips after you’ve selected Batch Capture, using the drop-down in the same window that asks you which selections to capture.