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Hair-Raising Plugs (Pro Tools)

Dec 05 2006 Posted by in music | Comments Off on Hair-Raising Plugs (Pro Tools)

Can you reccomend a good swiss army knife plug-in package for audio and music production?

I honestly don’t have a huge arsenal of these like some folks. Still, I get by far the most use out of Gold Bundle from Waves. They’re very expensive, but it’s got just about everything that’s practical. The Renaissance plugs are top-notch, and the L1 Ultramaximizer gets those mixes crackin’ hot. The latest version apparently has a re-tuner as well, but I’m still using Auto-Tune for those functions.

Their bundles are packaged by function, such as Musician, Restoration, Broadcast, etc. I started off with their Native Power Pack about nine years ago when my workstation didn’t have the horsepower to do much in real-time, then stepped up through their upgrade program over the years as my processing power and budget allowed. For most people, compression, EQ, and reverb are the starting points in building their plug-in libraries.

They are very protective of their products, and all the online account management procedures are frustrating at first, yet ultimately convenient and organized. An iLok is essential for handling your authorizations for these and most other worthwhile plug-ins.

My other favorite plugs are from SoundToys. These get a lot more out-there with advanced filtering and lots of rhythmic control. Affordable, too.