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Mingling Frame Rates (FCP)

Oct 26 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Mingling Frame Rates (FCP)

A production house [gave me a tape] that is interlaced video, and I need to cut it into my project, but our shooter did everything in 24p, which we want to keep. Politics as they are, I’m forced to use some of this other footage, but don’t know how to combine the two technically.

Think about the lowest common denominator. No, not the same way your marketing department does, I mean format-wise. Every video tape is interlaced, no matter what; that’s the technology. The 24p is just a pattern of frames and fields spanning 60 fields that makes it look like 24 frames.

So . . . create a timeline at 29.97 interlaced. Don’t remove the pulldown from your 24p footage and it will work fine in this sequence alongside the provided tape’s interlaced footage. Your footage will still have that “film look” (with pulldown) while the video will look like video, but none will have to be rendered. What you don’t want to do is bring the interlaced footage into a 24fps timline, because not only will you have to render it, but its motion rendition will be very choppy.

This is the best solution if the final product is output to tape. However, it will not be effective if you need a true progressive-scan DVD (tough luck), or web delivery.