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Limp Fades (FCP)

Oct 03 2006 Posted by in multimedia | 2 comments

Any time I have more than one layer stacked up on my [Final Cut Pro] timeline and I want to fade them out equally (like to black or to dissolve to another clip), I get this weak doubling see-thru effect. Surely this has to be doable.

It is. The reason this happens is because all the fades are occurring independently of each other, creating odd relationships with the other layers, especially if you have keying or transfer modes involved.

Some people would tell you to make your multi-layered segment a subclip and then you can treat it as one element. That works, and would be the solution for making a filter override all or simplifying multi-layer edits. In other apps this is known as nesting or precomposing.

In this case, there’s an easier technique. Just put a black color matte on a layer that supercedes all the others, and fade it in.

  1. Anonymous10-04-06

    Me again. Just a quick thanks! That was so simple, I kinda feel stupid… makes sense, tho. Any good FCP books you can reccomend for the not real technical?

  2. G10-05-06

    Not really. There’s not much to learn that isn’t in the manual (it’s written in plain language – you’ve read it . . . . right?), just editing technique itself, which is application-agnostic. I’d get the basics down, and then work on speed, mastering those keyboard shortcuts, before I even touched any of the advanced features, because those are what will pay off for you on a daily basis. For general editing theory, I can recommend “In the Blink of an Eye” by Walter Murch, and “First Cut: Conversations with Film Editors.”