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Never Sur-Render (FCP)

Sep 25 2006 Posted by in multimedia | Comments Off on Never Sur-Render (FCP)

[In Final Cut Pro], every time I drop a clip into the timeline, it says I have to render the thing, but I know my project is set up for DV50, just like the camera settings. Aaargh! I’m going to hurt someone soon. Should I just render everything and move on?

This is a bug (feature?) in FCP. Loading an Easy Setup or changing your Audio/Video Settings are not the only two things to check. Unfortunately these do not override the Sequence Settings (under the Sequence drop-down menu at the top of the screen, not in the A/V Settings). You have to select your sequence in the bin, and go verify/change these settings manually. You probably already know that a mismatch between timeline settings and footage specs causes the red render bar to appear. Once you fix the Sequence Settings it should disappear and your timeline clips should play back in real time.

Also worth noting is that when you open an existing project, the View settings appear to default to the most recent project, not the loaded one. So you’ll need to change those as well to see it on a monitor or output to tape.